First time i have decided to make one of the crazy ideas that go through my head come out. Kerubo’s blogging. LOL! Thanks to my fellow oh so lovely comrades, i have had more than enough time to go back and forth and give this a shot. Lets see right? Maybe you’ll like it and share and i’ll get like TEN views and die in peace. But really i want to share my thoughts on a few things and it would make me so happy to see what other people think. If you agree or nah. And we can argue and insult each other and apologize later and just have fun with this. LOL.

So for my first post, lets talk femininity, and how beautiful and powerful it is whether or not we choose to see it. Boys are welcome ๐Ÿ˜‰ย 

I have done a bit of research on this and google describes femininity as the quality of being female, your womanliness. The most common traits are our sensitivity, gentleness and empathy. Did you know? feminine traits aren’t only limited to just mamas, men can have them too. But i don’t want to talk about men..everyone does it. I wanna talk about being a woman and embracing how beautiful that is.

This is an African woman..

Lets get physical. Now not all of us black girls look like this sex goddess but that doesn’t mean we’re not just as sexy. And we need to embrace that about ourselves. You have to see how beautiful your skin is..flawless even with the scars.. How sexy your curves are… from your ย breasts (regardless of the cup size).. your waist… your ass.. your thighs and the diamonds that lie between them…your legs.. how you walk… go back up to how pretty your eyes are.. and the curl of your lips.. Those are just a few out of a million things we have that men don’t. That’s their loss not yours. A perfect example of how i aspire to flaunt my femininity lies in almost all of Beyonce’s music videos ๐Ÿ˜€ That woman is something else!!

Men are so straight, their shoulders are so broad..muscles everywhere. And they are so hairy!! They have hair EVERYWHERE! head to toes!! .. And even their ass is so rigid lol. Don’t get me wrong, sadly i’m not lesbian. All this masculinity, like the rest of you, does turn me on. And i’m sure they love it too.. i mean why else do they go around wearing revealing shirts or none at all. They should love how they were created, all manly and strong. Similarly, we should love how we were created, all feminine and BEAUTIFUL.

Society from the beginning has made women hide their sexuality for a number of bullshit reasons. Society includes the women too by the way. We have allowed men to embrace their sexuality and have discouraged women and girls from expressing theirs. This gone down to homes where mothers teach girls not to be too sexual because: we need to be ‘respectful’, we are not supposed to provoke men.. like i said, bullshit reasons. Men have been on the top from such a long time ago. In so many ways. And even now, as we try to rectify that (hi feminists, how are ya?), we unknowingly keep them at the top.

How long should a blog post be? This is long enough i feel like. I hope this peaks your interest to read more. Because the post endeleas in the next post.

See you there? Good.

Stay sexy .





  1. First comment ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Ahahahahahha naskianga wasomaji wapendwa wakisema a post should be long enough to keep them engaged, short enough not to tire and bore them.

    Am so proud of you! All the best mama!


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