Month: May 2016


I have to say, that one post made me feel GOOD! Am i the only person who always promises to do it all and winds up doing nothing? I’m trying to change that. Regardless of whether this will be a success or not.




First time i have decided to make one of the crazy ideas that go through my head come out. Kerubo’s blogging. LOL! Thanks to my fellow oh so lovely comrades, i have had more than enough time to go back and forth and give this a shot. Lets see right? Maybe you’ll like it and share and i’ll get like TEN views and die in peace. But really i want to share my thoughts on a few things and it would make me so happy to see what other people think. If you agree or nah. And we can argue and insult each other and apologize later and just have fun with this. LOL.

So for my first post, lets talk femininity, and how beautiful and powerful it is whether or not we choose to see it. Boys are welcome 😉  (more…)